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No one knows more about the NFL than "The Professor" John Clayton. A ubiquitous presence on ESPN, he's an analyst, commentator, and human database of all things football. Get the latest lowdown on the league live every weekday at 4pm on 710 ESPN Seattle.
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Mar 31, 2016

John Clayton says the 'vote of confidence' Mike Shanahan gave RGIII now that he's no longer with the team is more of a political statement rather than an actual endorsement. Also, could Walter Thurmond be retiring already?

Mar 30, 2016

John Clayton gives us the latest on Colin Kaepernick and Chip Kelly. He also addressed how the team handled Russell Okung's free agency

Mar 29, 2016

The guys are live in Peoria, Arizona! John Clayton kicks things off and after a few technical difficulties we learn about some remaining running back candidates still on the market we learn that Robert Nkemdiche had a good pro day as well

Mar 26, 2016

John Clayton is back from the Owner's meetings and talks about how the rule changes could impact the Seahawks. He also talks about potential free agent targets and his current top 5 QBs in the NFL.

Mar 24, 2016

John Clayton gives us a closer look at the other rule changes the owners snuck through today and what impact they may have. The Professor had dinner with Roger Goodell and other NFL brass last night and shares what that experience was like.

Mar 23, 2016

John Clayton joins the show and talks about the NFL rule changes today, most importantly the chop block rule. The Seahawks probably could've beaten Denver's offer to Russell Okung, but thought the $5 million this year was a low-ball offer. Also, the Rams team is finally moving their operations to Los Angeles which will take 3 separate trips to complete

Mar 22, 2016

John Clayton joins us live from the NFL owner's meetings. John talks about Richard Sherman's comments calling Roger Goodell 'a suit' who shouldn't be making the rules. He talked to 49ers head coach Chip Kelly and he still hopes Colin Kaepernick is still his QB next season.

Mar 19, 2016

John Clayton says the Russell Okung contract looks worse and worse the more we look at it. He also takes a look at where the Seahawks might go in the draft.

Mar 18, 2016

John Clayton Gives on the latest on the Russell Okung contract deal and says it really isn't good for him as Denver can cut him after the first year. He talks about how the Seahawks will go about replacing him.

Mar 17, 2016

John Clayton weighs in with the latest on Russell Okung. He says the longer he waits to sign, the less money he'll get. He says regardless of whether the Seahawks re-sign Okung or not, they are not done looking for O-Line help. He thinks the Seahawks should regain the top spot in the NFC West next year since Arizona will have the tougher schedule.

Mar 16, 2016

John Clayton talks about former 1st round pick LB/DE Shea McLellin visiting the Seahawks today. Is he any good? Also he talks about the Cardinals trade of G Johnathan Cooper and a 2nd Round pick to the Patriots for DE Chandler Jones.

Mar 15, 2016

John Clayton gives us the latest on the pursuit of Russell Okung and the Seahawks first free agent signing outside the organization (who used to be in the organization) in Sealver Siliga.

Mar 12, 2016

John Clayton breaks down 2 free agents visiting Seattle: LB Craig Robertson and LT Donald Penn and if they were to sign, what we would expect from them. Plus the Professor tells us what to make of Mark Sanchez signing with Denver and Colin Kaepernick wanting a trade, and looking at Cleveland.

Mar 11, 2016

John Clayton joins us from the analytics conference at MIT and talks about the use of advance analytics in sports. He gives us a free agency update with some speculation as to where certain players may end up.

Mar 10, 2016

John Clayton breaks down all the free agent signings and says that even though Seattle lost three great players, re-upping with Jeremy Lane was the biggest move they needed to make.

Mar 9, 2016

John Clayton gives us the latest on players who re-signed with their current teams and speculates on where Seahawks free agents and others may end up once the frenzy begins tomorrow.

Mar 8, 2016

John Clayton weighs in on Peyton Manning's retirement, speculation on where Bruce Irvin and other free agents may end up and after just one season in Philly, Byron Maxwell getting traded to Miami.

Mar 5, 2016

John Clayton goes over how this will be the most money owners will have ever had in the salary cap. He thinks Andre Johnson will retire after being cut by the Colts. Will the Seahawks be interested in Martellus Bennett?

Mar 4, 2016

John Clayton talks about the impending departure of Jermaine Kearse saying it's no smart to eliminate the Seahawks as a bidder for him. He thinks Kearse won't make as much as he thinks he can in free agency. He also thinks at the right price the Seahawks may go after Arian Foster.

Mar 2, 2016

John Clayton talks about how 8-figure salaries are the going rate for veteran starting QBs regardless of their standing in the NFL. He also talks about how Peyton Manning may not want to retire, but he doesn't think any team will sign him.

Mar 1, 2016

John Clayton talks about the impressive defensive linemen performance at the Combine and how deep that draft class will be. He says UW's Travis Feeney had a great showing at the Combine as well. Also, he thinks Peyton Manning will announce his retirement this week.