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No one knows more about the NFL than "The Professor" John Clayton. A ubiquitous presence on ESPN, he's an analyst, commentator, and human database of all things football. Get the latest lowdown on the league live every weekday at 4pm on 710 ESPN Seattle.
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Jun 23, 2017

Now that Derek Carr has been locked up for the next 5 years by the Raiders, which QB will receive an extension next? Matthew Stafford? Kirk Cousins? John Clayton talks contracts with Danny, Dave and Moore. Also, how likely is it that Marshawn Lynch and the Raiders square off against the Seahawks in the upcoming Super Bowl? The Professor also touches on rookie contracts around the league, whether or not NFL drafts will become more unpredictable, as well as the New York Giants and Seahawks.

Jun 22, 2017

John Clayton joins Danny, Dave and Moore to discuss the new extension that has now been finalized for Derek Carr. He also gives his opinions on the firing of Chiefs GM Jon Dorsey, the passing of Frank Kush, Russell Wilson's weight, and much more news from around the league.

Jun 21, 2017

John Clayton joins Danny, Dave and Moore to discuss Matthew Stafford and Derek Carr being close to signing record contracts. Are they worth the money? He also touches on Russell Wilson, Kirk Cousins, Andrew Luck and much more NFL news.

Jun 20, 2017

The Professor joins Danny, Dave and Moore to discuss Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett, including how long they can continue to play at the pace that they have been over the past couple of seasons. He later discusses Frank Clark, Richard Sherman, Blair Walsh, and other lingering stories from around the NFL.

Jun 19, 2017

With the Titans adding yet another weapon to their receiving core in Eric Decker, The Professor discusses what value he will bring to Tennessee. John Clayton also discusses Tom Brady's desire to play in China, Rob Gronkowski, and much more.

Jun 15, 2017

The Professor discusses the Seahawks offseason up to this point, including what he has liked, what improvements he would like to see, players in contract years, and the depth of the wide receivers and running backs. He also talks about Greg Robinson, the recovery of Jaylon Smith, the future of Patrick Mahomes, and much more. 

Jun 14, 2017

The Professor discusses Kam Chancellor's potential contract extension, including when it may occur and if it benefits him. He also discusses other news from Seahawks Minicamp, as well as the new injury of top draft selection Myles Garrett.

Jun 12, 2017

It's the Professor! John Clayton joins Danny, Dave and Moore to discuss the daily Seahawks and NFL news. With Eddie Lacy making another weight incentive, what does he need to do from here? He also discusses Seahawks Minicamp, Jeremy Maclin to the Ravens, and Odell Beckham Jr. showing up to Giants Minicamp.

Jun 9, 2017

After talking with Tom Cable at OTAs, John Clayton explains why there's reason to be optimistic about the Seahawks' offensive line this year. With Thomas Rawls fighting hard to keep his starting job, what does the RB depth chart look like heading into camp? Plus, the Professor takes a look into the future of the Seahawks' starters at safety.

Jun 8, 2017

John Clayton, "The Professor," talks about how he thinks the Raiders have the best chance of winning the AFC West with the addition of Lynch. Also, do the Jets have the worst roster in the NFL this season? The Professor gives his take on that and more.

Jun 6, 2017

John Clayton, "The Professor," joins Danny, Dave and Moore at the VMAC to talk about Marshawn Lynch's recent press conference and move to Oakland. In addition, Clayton predicts the five best receivers on the Seahawks this year. 

Jun 5, 2017

John Clayton breaks down the Seahawks' decision to sign Austin Davis over Colin Kaepernick, and what the move means for Trevone Boykin. The Professor discusses his initial impressions of John Lynch as the 49ers GM, Dez Bryant's desire to return kicks, and Dean Blandino's departure from the NFL officiating crew.

Jun 2, 2017

The Professor gives his initial impressions of Seahawks' OTAs, including the status of Earl Thomas, Tyler Lockett, and Luke Joeckel. With a Kaepernick deal looking less and less likely, John Clayton considers other teams that could benefit from his services. He also discusses the Ezekiel Elliott investigation and he predicts the NFC South standings.

Jun 2, 2017

With Seahawks OTA's just around the corner, The Professor gives his scoop on who they should keep an eye on, including the young wide receivers and the incredibly deep running back core. He also touches on Christine Michael, the torn ACL of Tavon Young, and much more.

Jun 1, 2017

With some close to Pete Carroll reporting that the Seahawks are not expected to sign Colin Kaepernick, John Clayton offers his perspective on the ongoing story. He then discusses who he thinks is likely to be the most improved NFL QB next season. Carson Wentz? Marcus Mariota? And, what's the latest on Derek Carr's extension? The Professor weighs in. Plus, he talks about parting ways with ESPN.

May 25, 2017

It's The Professor! John Clayton joins the show to discuss the Seth Wickersham article as well as other trending NFL news, including the lurking tension between Brandon Marshall and Sheldon Richardson.

May 22, 2017

John Clayton discusses Michael Bennett's reaction to the article written by Seattle Times columnist Matt Calkins and whether or not Bennett was out of line. The Professor gives his insight on Aaron Donald's contract and Mike Zimmer's surgery.

May 19, 2017

"The Professor" is on with Danny, Dave and Moore to give his insight on the Ryan Fitzpatrick signing, as well as Colin Kapernick, the Tom Brady concussion story, and more.

May 18, 2017

John Clayton, "The Professor," joins Danny, Dave, and Moore to talk about LeGarrette Blount signing with the Eagles and whether or not Derek Carr will be with the Raiders for the rest of his career.

May 17, 2017

"The Professor" shares his experience with the United States Football League, and he talks about the potential for an NFL Developmental League in the future. Is Colin Kaepernick the next Tim Tebow? Is Kirk Cousins destined to become a 49er? Clayton weighs in.

May 16, 2017

John Clayton was told by Michael Bennett earlier this morning that he thinks Kaepernick would be a good fit in Seattle. Also, "The Professor" gives his opinion on whether or not Tampa Bay is set to end their drought this season.

May 15, 2017

John Clayton discusses the latest Seahawks news. Do the pros outweigh the cons with Colin Kaepernick as the backup quarterback? Can Eddie Lacy keep off the weight? The Professor discusses where Luke Joeckel and others will thrive the most on the offensive line.

May 11, 2017

Michael Floyd and Blaine Gabbert find new teams, Adam Jones' 911 call, and Julius Peppers looking as good as he ever has. The Professor updates us on the NFL.

May 8, 2017

John Clayton takes us around the NFL with the latest on the QB competition in Houston, John Ross' contract, and the Seahawks' new running back, Mike Davis. Plus, what would "The Professor" sell at his garage sale?

May 6, 2017

Who is more important for the Seahawks to re-sign: Kam Chancellor or Justin Britt? Which running back will get the most carries for the 'Hawks? The Professor looks into this, as well as Jay Cutler's decision to become a FOX broadcaster.

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